Visualisation and Consciousness Class

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Origin of the V&C Class

Originally taught by Dr Sir John Whitman Ray during the mid to late 1980's the Visualisation and Consciousness (V&C) classes were 2-4 month live-in classes that followed on as a logical progression from the 4-6 week Body Electronics Instructors Seminar.

The purpose of those V&C classes was to prepare students to be able to experience and encompass their most subtle forms of duality, leading to what some have described as perhaps the most important breakthrough in mind-body concepts, which Dr Ray called the Time-Space-Continuum-Warp.

Where the Instructor's Seminar focussed heavily on physical and emotional body mastery with some mental body component, the V&C work was focussed primarily on what was necessary to fully access the suppressed mental body patterns that extend back to one's very first creative endeavours.

The V&C proved to be a somewhat top-down approach to transmuting resistances and re-experiencing suppressed traumas, where the prior work was and is mostly focussed on cultivating this top-down capacity from the bottom-up, that is, in dealing with the physical body as the doorway to spirituality.

After a revelation during the last V&C class in 1989, Dr Ray realised that the V&C would need to be extensively redeveloped to more firmly cultivate the capacity to work from the top-down. In many cases sincere and dedicated students mistakenly believed they already had the capacity to do this on a consistent basis and thus attempted to apply this principle before its time and consequently hit dead ends in their progress.

Dr Ray did not see this as a failing of his students, but rather of the original class format, which evidently did not give enough structure to student preparation, either on an intellectual level or in terms of application of the principles in their day to day lives. In effect, students were attempting to open Pandora's Box without the life skills to constructively encompass it's contents. To this end, may all of us have the wisdom to only seek out the experiences we are ready for.


The New V&C Emerges

During the remainder of 1989 and the 1990's, including a 4 year sabbatical in New Zealand and Rarotonga to write his first four books, Dr Ray also redeveloped the V&C Class into a sequence of steps to be learned one at a time and taught to one individual at a time, where no student could advance to the next step without mastering the prior step. In a sense, proper mastery of one step led to the revelation of the next step. Each person would receive what they specifically needed in order to progress, in contrast to balancing the needs of a group. I describe the process as rigorously leaving no stone unturned while searching out the truth.

This new V&C was first taught in 1998 in New Zealand. Dr Ray continued in personal V&C tuition with a small group of students until his death in 2001. There had been plans for a group V&C seminar, consisting only of students who had already completed a certain number of steps, which he never had the opportunity to hold.

Today there are only a very small few who completed more than a handful of steps personally with Dr Ray and even fewer who completed the sequence.

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