About the Body Electronics Institute of New Zealand (BEINZ)

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BEINZ was incorporated in 1994 to advance the development and availability of Body Electronics in New Zealand and the world. The Society is a non-profit, charitable organisation whose members include Practitioners, Body Electronics Students, and others who have experienced Body Electronics in some manner and wish to support its aims and objects. The Society owes a debt of gratitude to the founder of Body Electronics, Dr Sir John Whitman Ray, former Patron of the Society.

Development of Practitioners is one of the main purposes of the Society. This includes setting standards and levels of qualification, administrating examinations, providing consultation tools and facilitating ongoing research into the field of Body Electronics. BEINZ aims to ensure the public is able to access well-trained professionals in all areas of the country who have met common training standards.

Three times a year, the Society publishes its official newsletter, “Burning Issues”. This newsletter was instigated to keep people in contact, advise of upcoming seminar dates and locations, as well as raising points of interest to those involved in Body Electronics. BEINZ members also have free access to the BEINZ library service, whereby they can borrow Body Electronics books and videos.

BEINZ is affiliated with the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners, the first body of its type in New Zealand or Australia to unite the various natural healing modalities with a common voice. Representatives of the Charter have periodic meetings with politicians and other health authorities with a view to allowing natural healing techniques to become more accepted by the public and other medical practitioners and to have a political voice. For example, it is likely that the Charter will be given a say in future legislation regarding the legality of people representing themselves as practitioners of any natural healing modality.

The Charter, as one of its goals, works to provide commonality of standards and professional conduct amongst natural therapists. To this end, Chartered Body Electronics Practitioners are required to abide by the ethics and standards of the Charter and are answerable not only to BEINZ, but also to the Charter.

It is only through Societies such as BEINZ that practitioners may become members of the Charter and thus qualify for various benefits such as Practitioner Insurance. In the future the public will be educated on the merits of the common ethical and training standards of Chartered Practitioners.

All students of Body Electronics are strongly encouraged to support BEINZ by becoming a financial member to help secure the future of Body Electronics in New Zealand and the world.

Enquiries should be sent to beinz@healthybeing.co.nz


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