Essential Books - Recommended Reading for Body Electronics Students

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I'm so excited about these pages!

These are some of the books that are of direct interest to students of Body Electronics and natural healing in general. The links will take you to, an excellent New Zealand-owned site that carries many great books, often at the best prices I've been able to find.

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About the books on my recommended reading list

Health books must number in the millions, coming from their various perspectives, some of them unfortunately representing vested interests, portraying a skewed perspective on health, or downright misinformed.

To be fair, you may find the books I recommend to be skewed themselves or even radical. You'll have to decide for yourself what to believe; I've added a short commentary on each book to help you. In most cases I have read the books (or others by the same author) I recommend on the following pages and have found them to be insightful and either directly compatible with Body Electronics (where we certainly have a unique view on many topics) or otherwise useful tools in the wider field of natural health.

Perhaps I can offer just a few questions to consider as you browse:

Preaching to the converted?

Please feel free to submit any opinions you have on these books or suggestions for additions to my list, but I warn you now, I may be biased.


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