Iris-Sclera Integrated Diagnosis

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What is it?

Iris-Sclera Integrated Diagnosis (ISID) or Iris-Sclera Integrated Analysis is a revolutionary method of eye reading developed by Dr Sir John Whitman Ray in the 1980's as part of his healing modality, Body Electronics.

Iridology (reading the signs in the iris of each eye) is well established and has been in use in modern times as a diagnostic tool for well over a century. It is thought that iridology may even have been in use for several thousand years in some cultures.

The history of Sclerology (reading the signs in the sclera of each eye) is less certain but perhaps as extensive and in modern times has only been in use by a small handful of practitioners over the last 30 years.

In general there was little correlation between the two methods before Dr Ray's recognition that the two areas of the eye could be cross-referenced to build a more complete health and consciousness picture.



Brief Overview of How Iridology/Sclerology Works

The colours and pattern of lines in the eye manifest according to the inherent strength and health of each part of the body. The eye can be read like a map to show the location in the body relating to each significant eye sign. A checklist of over 100 items may be reviewed.

Your eyes are as unique as your fingerprints and reveal not just the state and potential of your physical body but also your emotional and psychological predispositions. Thus the eye is truly the window to the soul.



What Iridology/Sclerology Can Tell You

The eye can reveal genetic strengths and weaknesses or predispositions to some conditions. It can also indicate areas of congestion or toxin accumulation and, to some extent, the nature of that congestion/accumulation. Localised congestion/toxicity may eventually lead towards reduced efficiency and breakdown of function in that part of the body. There are also a number of emotional factors revealed in the eye.



What Iridology/Sclerology Can't Tell You

Although there are many good correlations between eye signs and medically diagnosed conditions (this is after all how many of the iris signs were first identified), the realm of medical diagnosis is best left to doctors.

Certainly, from a natural health perspective, the interpretation of symptoms and the significance of eye signs is quite different from that of the medical profession. For example, a liver toxicity sign in the iris may well coincide or correlate with a medical diagnosis of hepatitis or cirrhosis but rather than attach this label, the natural health practitioner will instead simply observe that there is some toxicity in the liver consistent with a weakness of the liver, which can be dealt with in two ways: by helping the liver cleanse and by strengthening the liver itself or related parts of the body.

The statistical correlation of certain eye signs with particular health conditions gives no assurance that a given condition definitely exists when that sign is present. This is because two people with the same sign may express or cope with that weakness in completely different ways: one person with a liver weakness and a good diet may never have a problem in their life, while another with the same weakness and a deficient diet may have a never-ending series of liver-related problems.

Eye reading is not fortune telling; it is a scientific technique with well-documented research and many years of experience to back it up. However, there are many many variables to consider beyond what is in the eye when trying to make a determination of health, such as one's diet, lifestyle and attitude towards life. Iridology and Sclerology are, nonetheless, powerful tools in an experienced practitioner's hands and will reveal much that no other diagnostic technique can.



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You will find numerous people willing to "read your eyes" for any number of reasons and with widely varying degrees of skill, accuracy, responsibility, or correct interpretation. However, I do not generally regard it as wise to use eye reading as a standalone or to satisfy "curiosity", but rather as a tool used alongside other tools during a proper naturopathic consultation or Body Electronics consultation.

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