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Above the door of the ancient mystery schools were the words, “Know Thyself.” Above our door we might construe the words “Healthy Being” to read, “Heal Thy Being” and know this to be an equal imperative.

How can one heal thy being without first knowing one’s true nature?

Our being is not merely our physical body – it extends beyond to invisible emotional, mental and spiritual considerations. A science based in the study of the human body alone cannot be complete and nor can it lead to healing the whole being.

It has in fact been suggested that the physical body and the various laws governing it only account for 10% of the total picture. The other 90% relates to the mind – the emotions and consciousness of the individual. Healing the mind lies not in psycho-analysis and related techniques or in rationalising one’s past, but in truly knowing oneself and taking individual responsibility for all we have done and all that we are.

This site aims to provide a balance of information dealing with immediate physical or emotional necessities, the daily demands of health and well being, as well as deeper realities that provide a long term strategy for dealing effectively with life and health.


The Location

Healthy Being is situated in Laingholm, West Auckland. This is a view from nearby Lookout Drive out towards Cornwallis and the Manukau Heads.

Photo of view from Laingholm near Healthy Being

The Waitakere Ranges extend from the west of Auckland city to the Manukau harbour and Tasman Sea and are the last remnant of a great native predominantly kauri forest called Te Wao Nui a Tiriwa that covered the entirety of West Auckland and beyond. The ranges are also the main water catchment area for Auckland's 1 million inhabitants.

The Maori named Laingholm, Ruatuna, for the freshwater pool at Laingholm beach where many eels were found. Although Tane Rd is a slightly more suburban part of Laingholm, we are nonetheless surrounded by native trees - nikau, pohutakawa, ti kouka, rimu, kauri and many others. It makes a perfect healing location for our home and clinic.



Healthy Being

Originally established in 1996 as a clinic for Body Electronics, Healthy Being has only taken on its current form as a naturopathic clinic in 2005. Rather than focusing on this disease or that illness, our main area of focus is on promoting health and wellness through healthy lifestyles, including diet and general naturopathic principles. Awareness of emotional and mental factors in health and disease remain a major area of focus also and Body Electronics (eye reading, nutrition and pointholding) remains our true specialist field.

We work with children and the elderly and everyone else in between, people with serious illness interested in understanding the true source of their condition and the path towards health, and those interested in perfecting their mind and body.

Read our Mission Statement to find out more about the objectives of Healthy Being.

As Dr Sir John Whitman Ray, founder of Body Electronics, has said, "The only true healing on the physical body takes place when a change of consciousness occurs." Thus one of our major aims is to educate each person as much as possible in the practical ways they may free themselves of any limitations: physical, emotional or mental.

We also take the approach that we will work with you at whatever level will work best for you.



Graham BennettPhoto of Graham Bennett

Director of Healthy Being Ltd, Graham was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and maths from Auckland University in 1989. He later studied engineering and became a qualified Electrical Service Technician.

Graham became involved with Body Electronics in 1994 after a protracted illness and attended his first Instructor’s Seminar in Genazzano, Australia under the guidance of Dr Sir John Whitman Ray in 1996. Graham has been practising part-time as a Practitioner since that time. In his own words, “By the time I got better I found I had become qualified.”

Although Body Electronics was a significant factor in his personal healing, equally important has been his involvement with the Saint Germain Foundation as an “I AM” student and the use of the Violet Consuming Flame.

Graham also repeated sections of the following two Instructor’s Seminars in 1997 and 1998, having the opportunity in an instructional capacity to share with the classes his first paper entitled, “12 Points on the Encompassment of Duality”.

Graham organised and co-instructed a series of four weekend seminars with Dr Ray in Auckland in 1998, also co-instructing with Dr Ray at the first New Zealand Instructor’s Seminar, held in Northland in 1999. Graham later co-instructed with Dr Douglas Morrison at the 2002 Instructor’s Seminar in Pennsylvania, USA.

Graham spent several hundred hours of personal one-on-one tuition with Dr Ray in advanced topics in Body Electronics, including supervised instruction of other students in the Visualisation and Consciousness Class between 1999 and 2001. Graham is the only New Zealand graduate of this class, the pinnacle of Dr Ray's work.

Graham has been a member of the Auckland pointholding group since its inception in 1994, leading the group since 1996. Graham also became a member of BEINZ (the Body Electronics Institute of NZ, Inc) in 1995, becoming Vice-President in 1997 and President in 1998, in which position he still serves today. He became a member of the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners in 1997.

In 2002 he developed a weekend Introduction to Body Electronics course used to introduce new people to the world of Body Electronics, giving them the preparation required to become involved with supervised pointholding. The Introduction for Beginners Guidebook to Body Electronics is his first book and was initially developed as a course manual for students at these weekend seminars.

In 2005 Graham completed his Naturopathic Diploma, after 4 years of study at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in Auckland and another 18 months at the Naturopathic College of NZ.

His fourth and latest book, recently revised and expanded, "The List - The Art of Constructive Manifestation" is available now.

Enquire here regarding Body Electronics seminar instruction, iris/sclera photography, health consultations and Visualisation and Consciousness tuition, or send mail to:

6 Tane Rd, Laingholm, Auckland 0604, New Zealand

+64 27 259 1922



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