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Essential Books On Amazon

"About time!" you say...

I have provided an extensive list of recommended reading from the Fishpond online bookstore in New Zealand and Australia for over two years now, but the majority of the readership of this site lives outside this area. So, about time we got an Amazon page running.

Alternately, you can use the links to the right to navigate my whole catalogue of recommended reading for Body Electronics students, mostly sourced from Fishpond.


Douglas Morrison - How We Heal: Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Cover of How We Heal, by Dr Doug Morrison

Written by my good friend and Body Electronics icon, Dr Doug Morrison, this is essential reading for Body Electronics. Originally titled, "Body Electronics Fundamentals", it has since been extensively revised and updated and in its second printing, and with appeal to a much broader cross-section of the public.

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This is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read! Ah, but I must confess, I actually listened through the audio book (which you can see below), rather than reading, as such. Nonetheless, Autobiography of a Yogi is the quintessential Eastern spiritual text written for Western eyes (and ears). It recounts Yogananda's life in India, where he met many great Masters, before moving to America in the 1930's to bring wisdom to a country in dire need. Some might ask how such a spiritual masterpiece could come from America of all places, icon of all things "Western", but this is precisely the point - the greatest Light goes where it is needed most and can do most good. That's us, folks.



Sri Yukteswar was Yogananda's guru. This is the only book he wrote (that I'm aware of). It's short and very profound, especially for those who have an interest in Indian wisdom.







Yay! I finally found it. This little book is an absolute gem. You may want to look at Udo Erasmus' Fat That Heal - Fats That Kill, if you want all the science, but in my opinion you can't go past Budwig's contribution. Having discovered a yellow pigment in the blood of all the cancer patients she studied, she spent years helping people using a mixture of flax oil and quark. Some of her stories are truly remarkable.





Frankly, I prefer Dr Johanna Budwig's oil books for her heart, but if you want a ton of researched facts and the science behind fats and oils, here it is. Erasmus is a real authority. After recently attending his free lecture in Auckland I now know he's not just an authority but a true passionate pioneer who has put in the hard yards to get the facts about fats out into the public eye. When he started out in the 1980's he had looked for the area where he could have the greatest impact on health - healthy fats is it and underpins an incredible mass of health issues.




Another, "You can't go past this book" title. Edward Howell is without question the foremost authority on enzymes and he opened my eyes on them as the physical essence of life.

You can read more about why I recommend this book here.






I read his first book, "Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet" at a time when I knew nothing about health and yet I read it today with as much enjoyment and discovery. Conscious Eating is quite a tome in comparison but delightfully joins the spiritual and physical aspects of nutrition.






I use this a lot as a catch-all reference. I can't say I agree with everything, especially from a Body Electronics perspective, but when you have someone with questions about this or that condition, you don't yet know what kind of approach they'll be receptive to and you need some thought-starters, this is practically indispensable.






I can't say I use this book in many practical ways due to its macrobiotic focus but I love it anyway. It's one of those books that always has an alternate insight.







You can't really understand nutrition until you've studied and tried fasting. Ehret is unquestionably THE authority on fasting and may shock you with the revelation that food is not responsible for our health and vitality. This book so deserves its place on the "must-read" list.







This is one of the great classics of natural health reading and encourages one back to a more in-touch-with-nature approach to all illness. Around 50 years old now, it's one of those books that just gets reprinted and reprinted because it's so simple and practical. Jarvis uses traditional round-the-home remedies like honey and cider vinegar for all sorts of common ailments - you could too.






D'Adamo's essential contention is that human evolution has left those of us with particular blood types unable to deal with certain proteins in various foods. There is an enticing grain of truth in this, a better understanding of which you'd have to read my Eat Right Diet page to begin to get. Nonetheless, for those not really interested in healing crisis but who want to make some positive diet changes, this book is actually very motivating and has helped a lot of people.





Masaru Emoto's work is fascinating, so I've included every book here that I could find. As has been demonstrated by a number of researchers now, water has a memory. Emoto's contribution is these amazing photos of crystallised water, showing the symmetry of water that has been blessed or well treated (and I'm not talking about filtration, chlorination or fluoridation here) compared to the asymmetry and discord of water that has been cursed or improperly handled. Learn 100 ways that you can improve or destroy the quality of the water you drink or feed your garden with.




Just because you aren't thirsty doesn't mean your body isn't craving water. You'll also be amazed at just how many diseases dehydration is implicated in. If you're looking for some extra motivation to drink more water, this'll do it.







I love this book. It was perhaps the very first natural health book I ever bought and has served me faithfully ever since. Loaded with detail on practically every aspect of nutrition, I read it cover-to-cover. At 1000+ pages, you may just want to use it as a reference book.






This is one of those great tomes that almost seems too good to be true. Price travelled the world, studying native cultures, their lifestyles, history, diet, and...teeth. He discovered how the teeth are a barometer of health, amassing a vast body of compelling evidence. Of course there are always at least two ways of interpreting the data, but this is still an essential treatise on nutrition.






Fallon is a world-renowned writer and public speaker. As a Weston Price Foundation director, much of her message supports Price's work. Do I agree with everything she has to say? Perhaps not, but if there was only one right answer out there, then there would only be one book too.






This is Bernard Jensen's first great iridology text, surpassed only by what is loosely called volume 2, below. It's an essential reference on the subject and well priced for what it is.

You can read more about iridology and sclerology here.






If you only ever own one iridology book, this would have to be it. It is Bernard Jensen's "Magnum Opus", The Science and Practice of Iridology, volume 2, and the absolute quintessential iridology reference book. It's not cheap, but that's because it's an incredible tome of wisdom.






Written around 150 years ago, Gray's Anatomy is still regarded as the quintessential anatomy text, still used by nurses and doctors today. His explanations are very technical but all-encompassing. The diagrams, especially in the colour versions, are outstanding. Now, there is also a website with free downloadable versions of Gray's Anatomy, but personally I still like books, plus 700-odd pages is a few too many to print.





This is the book Dr Ray frequently referred to in his classes. It's pretty much the "industry standard" and is widely regarded as the authoritative physiology book.







What a humbling experience, reading this gem. Bach was a very successful Harley Street doctor who chucked it all in to find deeper levels of helping people with the Bach Flower Remedies, as they later became known. This book reveals his remarkable insights and spiritual nature that we can all learn from. You may never use Bach Flower Remedies, but you have to read this book.






Great value - "The 12 Healers" (on Bach Flower Remedies, one of my most frequently used reference books) AND Heal Thyself. A great combination.

The 12 Healers lists Bach's original 12 remedies as well as the full list of 38 he eventually settled on, which he believed were sufficient to treat every emotional condition.





Hal Huggins lost his dental license for teaching the dangers of mercury amalgam. I saw him speak at a seminar in Auckland some years ago and he's a mine of information who has the courage of his convictions and has suffered for his cause. He's not the only writer on this topic but given his clinical experience you can't go past him.

You can read more about why I recommend this book here.





I was hoping to find "Oxygen Therapies" by McCabe, but this one is probably close enough. Here is a man who has been persecuted for his beliefs to the n'th degree but is trying to bring out the truth anyway.

You can read more about why I recommend this book here.






This is one of my most frequently referenced books (probably in my top 3) when it comes to treating my own family. Kids respond so brilliantly to aromatherapy - colds, fevers, worms, indigestion, colic, etc. Worwood references handy remedies and essential oil recipes for hundreds of conditions. I've never known any remedy I've tried from her book to fail.






Krishnamurti was just a teenager when he wrote this, but in reading it he seems to be a wise old sage (which, of course, is what his followers believed he was, in reincarnated form). Having spent years pondering the depths of Dr Ray's writings, many of his elusive statements became suddenly clear to me after reading At the Feet of the Master. I mark this one essential for those who are interested in the principles of Body Electronics.





Sheldrake's theory of morphic resonance (sometimes called morphogenetic resonance) gives demonstrable proof of the existence of an energy field that determines the structure of the physical body and therefore the expression of DNA. It explains much about why the body can regenerate, which we understand in Body Electronics, and also the scientific basis for how the healing of one individual can affect the healing of another.





I've added this for completeness - read more about Sheldrake above.








Everything from cancer cures to cars that run on water, signs of intelligent life on Mars to free energy machines. This book is a real eye opener and illustrates how much resistance there can be to new ideas when egos and profit get in the way.






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